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Ending the HIV Epidemic Plan

Below, you will find the Community Plan to End the HIV Epidemic (December 1, 2020) and two community feedback surveys.

Debajo, puedes encontrar la Plan Comunitario para Poner Fin a la Epidemia de VIH en Filadelfia (1 de Diciembre de 2020).

This plan was updated on December 1, 2020.

Ending the HIV Epidemic Surveys

Below, you will find two surveys. The first survey is for you to offer your "big idea" to end the HIV epidemic in Philadelphia. When thinking of your "big idea," try to think outside of the box!

The second survey breaks the plan down by each of the four pillars (Diagnose, Treat, Prevent, & Respond) and their goals, strategies, and key partners. For this survey, feel free to dig into the specifics of the plan.

More information about fuller survey and the EHE plan/process:

The city of Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the Division of HIV Health (DHH) in coordination with the Office of HIV Planning is seeking feedback from the community for its Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) plan. 

For decades, input from the community has been critical to HIV prevention and treatment efforts in Philadelphia. This input is also critical to ending the HIV epidemic in our lifetime. The EHE plan includes three sections: a snapshot of the local epidemic; summary situational analysis of local issues; and the plan goals, strategies, and activities.  

After reading the plan, please take a minute to complete the survey. All feedback on the EHE plan should be reserved for the survey to ensure that all comments are contained in a single location. 

The EHE survey is also available in Spanish under PARA ESPAÑOL.

There will be several virtual town hall meetings with a focus on the communities most impacted by HIV. Dates and times are available under EHE PRESENTATIONS.

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